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Custom Websites

Achieve your business goals with a custom WordPress website that reflects your values, ideals, personality and passion. Collaborate with me to refine and redesign your website with your clients in mind.

Let me help you by creating a SEO ready, mobile responsive, and accessible website. A website that creates great experiences for your users. Add video and blogs that speak to your clients. Link your website with online calendars and booking sites to give your clients easier access to all the resources they need.

We meet to discuss what your goals are and to talk about who your ideal clients are. Knowing your clients and their values, needs and passions allows you to speak to them. Knowing their demographics lets you understand possible challenges in how they access information. Websites are about design, form and function. They are about content and user experience.

Are your clients older? This changes the way you lay out a menu. You need to ensure it is easy to read and use.

Maybe your client’s dexterity isn’t what it once was. This changes how far apart your form buttons are placed.

Do those cute little icons confuse your clients? Or are they the key to connection?

It’s important to think about who you want to reach and serve. Your website needs to be both appealing and informative (not frustrating) for your ideal clients.

Before designing any website, I always sit down with my client (You!) and ask probing questions to get real clarity about who is likely to be using your website and for what purpose. It’s important to make their experience as welcoming and easy as can be. Having a good website is like having a friendly, helpful receptionist. Your website is your online door. Are you welcoming? Or do people feel turned away.

Feel is important and so is functionality. People need your services. A good website helps them know you, so they can begin to trust you. A good website also lets them easily find what they came looking for. Do they need a list of your hours? A map to your door? Or are they ready to book an appointment with you? A good website gives them the tools they need. What do your clients need from your online presence? Let’s sit down and talk about who your clients are and how we can meet their needs.