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Your First Website

Are you finally doing what you love? Or did you just finish your training and are about to step out there and you have no idea how to get seen? Let’s collaborate to get you online.

Together we can create a strategy to show off your strengths. Maybe you are new to your business, but you have gifts and you have passion and there are people who truly can benefit from what you have to share. Help them find you by getting seen. It’s time to step up and shine. I can help. As you know, it’s easier to grow when you have the right support.

You are stepping out into business and maybe a bit overwhelmed? You have enough to do without having to think about and learn the ins and outs of getting yourself online. Contact me and we can talk about creating a starter site. It’s important to let those search engines start to find you. Let’s talk about creating a great website that works with your budget. A WordPress site with great content that is mobile and search engine friendly because that’s just good for business.