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It's Time to Put Your Genius Online!

But, what if you are a little shy?


What if you don’t know exactly how to put your best foot forward? What if you are so focused on your clients, that you need a little help focusing on you? After all, to reach your clients, they have to get to know YOU!

Your goal is to help people thrive. Whether that’s through supporting them to better health, giving insights that open them up to new possibilities, coaching them to wealth & success or offering a product that enhances their life and well-being.

You have a lot to give! Don’t let technology block you from doing what you are here to do! And don’t let your fear stop you from being visible. It’s time to leap. Need some heart based web support?

Let me help get you seen!

“I met Karen through a business program we were both doing, and we instantly connected. She has such a beautiful soothing energy. I knew right away she was the right person to build my website. She is incredibly intuitive and was very receptive to all of my ideas and things I wanted for my website. It helped that I had a clear vision, and it was like she was able to see it just through the way I explained what I wanted. My website is absolutely perfect and reflects my energy and my mission perfectly. She added extra touches and details that I would never have thought to add, and went completely above and beyond any expectations I may have had. She puts her everything into creation and it shows through what she has created with my website.

She creates from her heart, her soul, and it shows in everything she does, and also in the time and care she takes to make sure things are just right and that I was happy with the outcomes. She takes the time to teach you what you need to know about continuing the work, so that you are able to manage your website on your own. She is quick to respond to any questions or concerns and she truly loves her clients and is grateful for the co-creator relationship when it comes to building a website for your heart based business. I felt deeply cared for and nurtured as we walked through this process together. We have formed a deep bond throughout our work together and I will forever be grateful to have met Karen. She truly is an amazing woman, creator, friend and web designer. You could not ask for someone who cares more about her clients, their dreams, their souls, and their work in the world. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

♥ Carrie Leclerc, Inspired Alchemy 311

Why Me?

I want you to succeed!

I have worked to help people to thrive for close to twenty years and in that time I have been through my own dark night. The biggest thing I learned is that LOVE wins! In the news, in the world, there is a ton of dark but what I know is love wins. LOVE succeeds!!! It’s my passion to help you succeed, to shine your light, to get seen. I love people, I love their stories, their individuality, their own particular brand of light. I know that the world is a better place when positive, loving and authentic people share their gifts. Let me help you step up into the light.

Let me help you intuitively, authentically and strategically get your story online. It’s time to grow your business.

You have gifts to share. You have experience. You are here to make the world a better place and we need your light. We need you to connect with and light up the people who are served by your gifts!  I am here to help those people find you.

Let's collaborate to tell your story now!

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“Karen has a very pragmatic and down-to-earth approach, and takes the time to explain things in a non-technical way, and often does so in writing, which is ever so helpful. I really enjoyed working with her, and I totally love my website!”

Minerva, Minerva’s Circle


Are you dealing with an outdated website design and need a refresh? Or maybe you want to refine your messaging to better target your ideal clients? Do you have new services you want to highlight? Or perhaps you want to add a health blog or resource page to your website. Packages can be customized to combine the services you need. Click on each service to see more.

Finding Your Brand: Content & Copy

Do you need help refining your messaging? Sometimes it’s hard to tell your own story, especially if you are focused on helping others. There are clients out there looking for you. You have something to share in such a unique way, that speaks right to the heart of those who need you.

No business is too small to have their story told well.

Custom Websites

Achieve your business goals with a custom WordPress website that reflects your values, ideals, personality and passion. Collaborate with me to refine and redesign your website with your clients in mind.

Let me help you by creating a SEO ready, mobile responsive, and accessible website. A website that creates great experiences for your users.

Your First Website

Are you finally doing what you love? Or did you just finish your training and are about to step out there and you have no idea how to get seen? Let’s collaborate to get you online.