Sunlight Insight

Your story, lit up!

Finding your brand: Content and Copy that reflects You!

Do you need help refining your messaging and online image? There are clients out there looking for you! You have something to share, in such a unique way, that speaks right to the heart of those who need you.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your own story, especially if you are focused on helping others live their dreams and meet their goals. Let’s work together to make sure your story reaches those who will benefit from working with you.

Grow your business naturally by letting your story shine.

We spend time collaborating on messaging and branding that speaks authentically about your unique gifts.

No business is too small to have their story told well.

Branding is simply the artistic expression in colour, font, words and pictures, of the heart of who you are and what you have to share. Sometimes, it feels intimidating to tell your own story. It can be especially confusing to try to distill yourself and your gifts into a crystallized form of colours and words.

I meet with you, either in person or on skype, and we sit down and you tell me who you are. I ask questions and help tease out the details of your unique aspects, gifts, skills, and passions. We look for your why! Why you get up every day and put yourself out there in order to help and support others! We look for what you desire for your clients. We look for what you are passionate about bringing into this world and why! All this magic gets distilled down into an expression that feels like you and radiates your gifts out into the world. Help the right people find you, by shining!