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Your story, lit up!

You have passion and a vision and you want your vision to reach your ideal clients.

Why me?

I love working with entrepreneurs with heart.

When I find something I love, I do it non stop. I learn everything I can and spend hours and hours immersed in it. I love to program! I love to take these strange little pieces of code and watch something come alive on the screen. But, more than that, I love to think about all the little details that most people hate. I love to think about whether this font expresses what I want to express. Does this colour light me up? What are the core feelings behind the website I am trying to create?

Growing up, I sat for hours and watched people. I read stories and put myself there. I loved imagining myself in another person’s world. I loved feeling out what lit a person up. I spent my time reading and playing with computers and watching the world. I was sensitive and shy but eventually my love of people led me to study english and psychology and I entered the healing world. I wanted to help people thrive. I spent 15 years as a hypnotherapist, a Naturopathic Doctor and an intuitive energy coach. Eventually, I needed to recharge. I needed to rebalance and I found myself in a quieter space and that is where I found my love of programming again. My passion.

Now I have re-emerged and have the best of both worlds. Web development lets me immerse myself in the feelings and stories of amazing people. It allows me to help clients and their businesses to thrive, by supporting their brilliance. I get to help entrepreneurs, healers, alternative care professionals and the changemakers connect with people who will benefit from their gifts. I get to listen to the amazing stories of inspiring, loving, positive people and bring those stories to life online. I get to be a cheerleader for their brilliance and help them feel supported as they step out into the online world and let themselves be visible. I know that being visible can be vulnerable and sometimes we need someone in our corner, reminding us of our light. I see the brilliance in people that they sometimes don’t see in themselves. I would love to get to know you and support you in the process of clarifying your online presence and build you a website that brings your gifts to the world. I want your ideal clients to be drawn to you. I love working with entrepreneurs with heart. I would love to work with you.

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“I have to give a shout out to Karen Falkenspence who built the site. Karen has been so easy to work with, she’s super fast, reliable and creative. The best part has been being able to collaborate with her through the creative process.”

Teri Holland, Teri Holland Coaching/The Empowered Life Academy